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Judy Chicago and Through the Flower want to thank our many friends and supporters for their generosity in helping our organization accomplish so much over the years, despite our limited resources and small staff. We hope that we can rely on the continued support of our long-term donors, as well as attract new friends and members so that we can maintain our innovative programming and educational outreach. It is in this way that we can secure the decades-long legacy that we have all worked so hard to build.

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Through the Flower is a 501 (c) (3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible. If you have any questions or would prefer to make your donation by check please contact Through the Flower at 505 864 4080 or

Matching gift program

Your tax deductible donation can help Through the Flower even more. Many companies offer matching gift programs, which will match employee donations to qualifying non-profit organizations. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we have received such matching contributions, and are proud to recognize both the donor and the corporation on our list of supporters. Please check if your company has such a program, and double the benefits of your donation.

In addition to many of Through the Flower’s more widely known activities (listed in the Legacy section of our website), throughout its existence, the organization has also sponsored lectures, workshops and juried exhibitions in both California (where it first started ) and around the state of New Mexico, where it is now housed. The organization has helped launch the careers of some young women artists through its exhibition program, as well as also honored many of the Feminist Foremothers who spearheaded the changes for women in the arts that have now become widespread.

Almost everything that we have done is through the support of our donors, members and friends upon whom we depend. Judy Chicago often jokes that her Republican friends (and she has some) are amazed by her emphasis upon the importance of private funding sources. When other organizations—often more grant-dependent than we have been—lose their funding because of political or other changes, Through the Flower has endured and grown in its impact. However, much remains to be done, and we are developing significant plans for the future to ensure that Through the Flower will continue to have a meaningful role in preserving the legacy of women’s achievements.

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In Memory of Audrey Cowan (1931 – 2017)

Audrey Cowan TTF Board 1992

Audrey Cowan with Eleanor of Aquitaine runner

Through the Flower Board, 1992

Judy Chicago: I first met Audrey in 1976 when she came to work on The Dinner Party. Actually, Diane Gelon (or Gelon as we all called her), the project administrator, probably met her first as many people came to my Santa Monica studio in hopes of participating in the creation of what would be the first major work of feminist art. Gelon interviewed the prospective volunteers and integrated those she accepted into the studio environment. Those were heady days; everyone involved realized that we were embarked on a great undertaking as we commemorated 1038 women, many of whom had almost been lost to history.

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Help "The Girls" Shine

Judy Chicago and Through the Flower want to extend our deepest thanks to everyone who came forward to help "The Girls" shine again. The new lighting has been noted by many viewers and in numerous articles and is greatly appreciated by the artist. The re-lighting of The Dinner Party could not have happened without Kyle Chepulis and Technical Artisty of New York, and the dedicated staff of the Brooklyn Museum, especially Lisa Bruno, Head Conservator of Objects.


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