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Collapse news Judy Chicago – “I’m an Artist and a Troublemaker” (July 2017)

To tie in with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Tate Liverpool commissioned Judy Chicago to create a mural evolving from the album track Fixing a Hole. Click here to view a short video by Tate Shots where Judy Chicago discusses her mural, Four Lads from Liverpool, in the context of her own background.

Collapse news Judy Chicago’s Pussies (July 2017)

This solo exhibition features work by Judy Chicago ranging from 1964 to 2004. Chicago’s work has long been associated with images of pussy power as a metaphor for female agency, even before the term was widely accepted. What is less well known are her images of cats. The exhibition is the first to trace the long and fascinating overlap between her broad-ranging, beautiful “central core” imagery and her eccentric feline iconography. In conjunction with the exhibition, on September 10th Judy Chicago will participate in a public talk with the writer Sarah Thornton at Jessica Silverman Gallery in San Francisco. The speaking event, titled Pussy Power, will focus on the themes of the exhibition.

Collapse news Inside “The Dinner Party” Studio (July 2017)

The National Museum of Women in the Arts will host an exhibition exploring the inner-workings of The Dinner Party studio. For the exhibition, NMWA has collected archival materials, including test objects, designs, documentation and revealing behind-the-scenes footage shot by filmmaker Johanna Demetrakas, to illustrate the complexity of this monumental artwork. In conjunction with the exhibition’s opening, on September 17th at 4:30 pm the museum will present a Fresh Talk program featuring Judy Chicago in conversation with Alison Gass, Director of the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago. Reservations are required. Exhibition runs from September 17 to January 5, 2018.

Collapse news Roots of “The Dinner Party”: History in the Making (July 2017)

Roots of “The Dinner Party”: History in the Making is the first museum exhibition to examine the formal, material and conceptual development of Chicago’s iconic work, The Dinner Party (1974–79). The exhibition presents never-before seen objects that illuminate the installation’s development as a multilayered artwork, a triumph of collaborative art-making and a testament to the power of revising Western history to include women. Presented in the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, alongside The Dinner Party, the exhibition features more than 100 objects, including rarely seen test plates, research documents, ephemera, notebooks and preparatory drawings from 1971 – 1979. The exhibition is presented chronologically, with sections introducing Chicago’s vision for The Dinner Party and her material study of china-painting and needlework — including focused case studies of the Mary Wollstonecraft and Sojourner Truth place settings. It continues with research documents and ephemera from Chicago’s studio, highlighting the intensive research that underpins the piece and providing insights into Chicago’s creative process.

As part of the preparations for the Roots of “The Dinner Party” exhibition, the Brooklyn Museum is planning some improvements to the lighting system. We are trying to coordinate with them by asking our friends to help support the museum’s efforts. Judy Chicago wants The Dinner Party to look its best at this wonderful celebration of ten years of educating, empowering and inspiring the many viewers who have traveled to see the piece and those who will come to see the show.

Help us reach our goal of $25,000 to preserve the “girls” in the best possible light for the future. Your tax-deductible contribution will be memorialized in a special section of Through the Flower’s website. Suggested minimum contribution of $250 by individuals or groups.

Click here to be a part of making women’s history look its best.

Collapse news Womenhouse (July 2017)

This exhibition, created in partnership with the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC, features more than 30 global artists who conceive of home as a place for demonstration and liberation rather than a space solely for nurturing comfort and stability. The Womenhouse exhibition forms a sequel to the famous project Womanhouse, developed in 1972 by Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro and their students at Cal Arts. Like their famous foremothers in the 1970’s, contemporary artists in this exhibition recast conventional ideas about women and her home with acuity and wit. Following its run in France, the exhibition will be on view at NMWA from March 9 to May 28, 2018 and will be accompanied by a catalog featuring contributions by Judy Chicago and NMWA’s director, Susan Fisher Sterling.

Collapse news Judy Chicago Liverpool Mural Project (June 2017)

After months of planning and ten long days on site at Stanley Dock in Liverpool, Chicago’s 42 feet high, 60 feet wide mural, titled Four Lads from Liverpool, was completed on June 3rd. The mural was commissioned by Tate Liverpool as part of the city’s multi-site celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beatle’s album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. As a prompt for the mural’s subject, Chicago was assigned the album track, Fixing a Hole. After researching the various interpretations of the song’s lyrics, Chicago interpreted McCartney’s words to bring about “being discounted and wanting to give a voice — ‘fixing a hole’ of who counted.” Under Chicago’s guidance, local painter Gary Jones spent a month preparing and painting the design which features the four Beatles peering into a gap in in the building’s structure, surrounded by the vibrant rainbow colors which have become one of Chicago’s hallmarks. The mural proved so popular that Tate Enterprises decided to produce a limited edition print of the mural’s design.

Click here for video on Tate Liverpool’s website.

Collapse news Heritage Project: Edinburgh, Scotland (April 2017)

The Action for Children organization, based in Edinburgh, Scotland has chosen Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party, as inspiration for their “Heritage Project.” The aim of the project is to reach out to young women from diverse communities to discuss issues of identity and consider the importance of female role models. The participants will conduct research in order to produce a piece of visual art that represents important female figures for black and minority ethnic women and girls. For six months, the young women will participate in workshops during which they will learn research techniques and artistic skills ranging from painting to handbuilding with clay materials. Their final works will be on display at The Modern Art gallery in Edinburgh beginning in early June.

Collapse news Be No More – Judy Chicago’s immersive dry ice installation at SFMOMA (March 2017)

On April 26th, Judy Chicago and a team of event assistants from across the US built the artist's fourth dry ice installation, this time at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as part of the museum's celebration of their new building. The piece, titled Be No More, was constructed during an all-day build with more than 20 tons (40,000 pounds) of dry ice and illuminated with hundreds of road flares. Throughout the day and into the evening, thousands of onlookers were attracted to the installation which spelled out the word “truth” as a metaphor for a new and disturbing reality in the U.S., the idea of alternative facts. In the evening, the word was lit from within with pink flares, which turned the entire environment a pearly pink. After dark, there was a second lighting which caused the brightly lit word to be reflected in the adjacent glass wall of the museum. Then, the lights faded and slowly, the ice sublimated (or disappeared). But for a short time—as she has done throughout her career—Judy Chicago attempted to speak truth to power.

Collapse news Judy Chicago Art Education Award: Funded by Author Faye Kellerman (March 2017)

This year's Judy Chicago Art Education Award at Penn State was presented to Leah Krueger, Jessica Provow, and Anne Baker from Virginia Beach Middle School for their project, Creating Tribute: The Judy Chicago Project. Taking their inspiration from The Dinner Party, the 8th grade students were challenged to identify and research people who have “changed the world for the better.” After group discussions about the qualities of the nominees, including NASA scientist, Kate Rubins and Olympic gold medalist, Misty May, students translated these qualities into visual symbols which were incorporated into their designs. Using clay as their primary material, these designs were constructed into place settings that were displayed in the students' middle school building and will later be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia Beach, VA. The participating students commented that they had “never created art like this before,” and found the project both challenging and inspiring.

Click here to read the award-winning curriculum.

Collapse news Chad Alligood and Judy Chicago at form & concept (March 2017)

Chad Alligood, curator at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, gave a lively presentation on Judy Chicago's minimalist works on February 10, 2017 at form & concept in Santa Fe, NM. A Q & A followed with Chad and Judy, with over 300 people viewing the talk sponsored by WISC (Women's International Study Center). Chad was in residence at WISC to draft an essay for an upcoming monograph on Judy Chicago to be published by the National Museum of Women in the Arts. This volume will offer new scholarship on a variety of specialized topics throughout the artist's career.

Click here to watch the video.

Collapse news Judy Chicago’s “Birth Project: Born Again” (September 2016)

The Birth Project — created by Judy Chicago between 1980 and 1985 in collaboration with 150 needleworkers — was the first body of contemporary art to comprehensively address the range of experiences associated with childbirth. Born Again, an exhibition curated by Dr. Viki Thompson Wylder, will open on September 23rd, 2016 at Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts. Click here for more information and full programming details.

Current and Upcoming Events 2017

Around the Country

San Francisco, CA

Judy Chicago’s Pussies

Jessica Silverman Gallery
San Francisco, CA
September 6 – 30, 2017

On September 10, Judy Chicago will participate in a public talk at the gallery with the writer Sarah Thornton. The speaking event, Pussy Power, will focus on the themes of the exhibition.

Washington, DC

Inside “The Dinner Party” Studio

Curated by Sarah Osborne Bender

National Museum of Women in the Arts
September 17, 2017 – January 5 ,2018

In conjunction with the opening, the museum will present a Fresh Talk program at 4:30pm on September 17, featuring Judy Chicago in dialogue with Alison Gass, Director of the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago. Reservations are required to attend.

Brooklyn, NY

Roots of “The Dinner Party”: History in the Making

Curated by Carmen Hermo

The first museum exhibition to examine the formal, material and conceptual development of the iconic work, The Dinner Party, it includes never-before-seen and rarely seen objects.

Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art
Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn, NY
October 20, 2017 – April 21, 2018

Washington, DC


Created in partnership with La Monnaie de Paris, this exhibition of more than 30 artists forms a sequel to Womanhouse, developed in 1972 by Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro and their students at Cal Arts.

National Museum of Women in the Arts
Washington, DC
March 9 – May 28, 2018

Around the World

Vienna, Austria

The Female Side of God: Jewish Perspectives on Gender and Holiness

Jewish Museum Hohenems
Vienna, Austria
April 30 – October, 2017


Feminist Avantgarde of the 1970s. Works from the Sammlung Verbund Collection, Vienna

Traveling exhibition by Sammlung Verbund
Curated by Gabriele Schor

Museum of Modern Art
Vienna, Austria
May 4 – September 10, 2017

ZKM – Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie
Karlsruhe, Germany
November 18, 2017 – April 1, 2018

Stavanger Art Museum
Stavanger, Norway
June – September 2018

The Brno House of Arts
Brno, Czech Republic
December 2018 – March 2019

Paris, France


Created in partnership with the National Museum of Women in the Arts, this exhibition of more than 30 artists forms a sequel to Womanhouse, developed in 1972 by Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro and their students at Cal Arts.

La Monnaie de Paris
Paris, France
October 20, 2017 – January 28, 2018